It’s not that people don’t want to work anymore. From my perspective, it’s that employers simply don’t want to train people.

Or pay fairly.

Let’s address the subject of training first.

I subscribe to multiple job postings, and the bulk majority, no matter the industry, require a few years of…

It’s not unusual for a widow/er to eventually try to get back into the dating world, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to join a dating site.

Suffice it to say, the horror stories about such things are quite common in widowhood support groups.

After my…

Okay, so that’s not entirely true. I did sign up for it.

I never did anything with it though, opting to direct my attention to my Patreon page as well as toward the lifelong goal of finally authoring a book.

My lack of interest in being active on Only Fans

The morning of February 21st, 2018, I awoke with a panic.

I hadn’t been sleeping well anyway due to reasons that will soon be clear, but this particular day started out with me worrying about the strangest thing:

I had no waterproof mascara.

Just ten days prior, on February 11…

This title sounds like it could belong to some extensive period drama, complete with an abundance of tears and a Brontë-esque coldness woven deep within every word.

But that’s not the kind of tale this is.

While I do try to write with that kind of passion, my own version…

The electronic age has certainly done a lot to make communication efforts relatively easy.

Every kind of social networking app or website has a built in messaging system; most cell phones have at least two texting apps built right in; And of course, there is still old school email.


When someone dies, people are quick to say things like “I’m just glad they aren’t suffering anymore.” It’s a nice thing to think when the sting of loss is felt, and of course we mean it when we say it.

My husband ended his life, which was an incredibly hard…

I’m not talking about when I saw him seconds after it happened and it was pretty obvious that he was no longer with us.

I’m not talking about when the police officer came up to me in the moments after and said “He’s gone.”

I’m not talking about the excruciating…

Ask a widow/er, any widow, if they have heard this or a similar phrase. Chances are, they have.
Chances are even greater that they will continue to hear this phrase.
Chances are, it’s upsetting for them to hear.

Sadly, though, this is one of the things that goes along with…

The whole relationship will be your test, friends. Oh, yes it will be.

I am not claiming to be an expert at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’m still learning how to date.

I have rarely spent time “uncoupled” in my entire adulthood.
This Valentine’s Day was the first…

Layla Beth Munk

Tattooed, sarcastic, suicide widow, free-range parenting mother of two. She/Her #TheSnarkyWidow

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